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About Us

Thrive Health and Wellness Collective is a global gathering of Healers who come together to create a nurturing sanctuary. Our online shop is an energetic amplification of our physical healing community on the border of Marina Del Rey and Venice, California.

Our collective is the vision of licensed acupuncturist Margot Chambers as an act of gratitude and faith in the power of the wellness community of Los Angeles. As a young child, Margot suffered from mysterious illnesses and imbalances that severely affected her life. Doctors were baffled by her constant seizures and fainting spells. But when Margot was 4 years old, her mother Elissa was introduced to a gifted homeopathic Medical Doctor who changed their lives forever. As a preschooler, Margot received a protocol of craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, herbs, nutraceuticals and Bach’s flower remedies. Elissa also used nutritional medicine to drastically change Margot's health and within weeks, her seizures and fainting spells disappeared. Elissa continued to fill their home with natural remedies, natural foods and herbs to not only heal Margot, but eventually, the whole family. Both Margot and Elissa’s homes are embracing spaces that celebrate natural healing and nutritional medicine.

Thrive Health and Wellness Collective and our online space are a homage to her childhood, her mother and the healing community. Using this online space of vibrational exchange, we hope to reach more people with Margot’s deep knowledge as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Body Worker and living tribute to holistic medicine.  She is still inspired every day by the amazing Healers around her and the growing healing communities all over the world.

Please indulge and immerse yourself in our evolving space, as well as experience the intention behind our products and services as a whole.